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The Studio Bueno Studio Blog-O

Below are the 7 most recent journal entries.


  2006.02.23  20.49

Well, after only about a week in existence, I'm moving the location of the Studio Bueno Studio Blog-O! over to Blogger. No particular reason, I just decided I liked the format a bit better.
I am leaving everything I've already posted here up for the time being, but any and all new posts will be found at the NEW Studio Bueno Studio Blog-O!

See you there!


  2006.02.21  16.26
A bit more "The Cat" with random others...

I guess the subject line of this post sums it up.


  2006.02.20  18.48
New Studio Bueno T-shirt Design

This is the latest design for the official Studio Bueno T-shirt. I wanted to go for the rough pencil look and now I'm not quite sure how I think it will actually look on a shirt.  Hrm....



  2006.02.19  18.41
Bangs one more time...

Decided to slap some color on the "Bangs" picture this afternoon, so thought I'd add it here.



  2006.02.19  11.48

Here's yet another new sketch based on the lyrics to a They Might Be Giants song, "Bangs". (I did both this and the one included in the first post for part of a thread on The Drawing Board, where people are illustrating love-themed songs...and no, they don't have to be by TMBG, but that's just who I happen to have chosen so far...call it an unhealthy obsession).
I'm also including an inked version I did of the girl before deciding to stick with the original pencils after all.



  2006.02.18  13.36
More "The Cat"

More of the recent doodles in which the old character "The Cat" pops up...along with a random, unnamed alligator who has only just begun to rear his head. He's kinda fun, though!



  2006.02.16  22.31
The First Post...

Greetings one and all and welcome to the Studio Bueno Studio Blog-O!
Yes, I've decided to succumb to the inevitable and start my own blog...but don't worry. My own personal thoughts and rantings will be kept and a minimum here. It's a SKETCH blog, primarily.

While I won't be posting every single day, I hope to post very regularly, in an attempt to keep myself at least sketching when I'm going through an otherwise slump creatively (those things happen to me all too often lately!)

Most of what you'll see here will be very random, very quick doodles and sketches. Occasionally I may post fully finished illustrations as well....giving you a chance to see them before they make the official Studio Bueno site update. (speaking of which, please do visit www.studiobueno.com for all the official art viewin's)

Annnd to kick off the inaugural blog entry, we have first a recent finished piece of art inspired by a They Might Be Giants song. Then we have a few random sketches of "The Cat"...who is actually a very old character of mine dating way back to high school. I've been doodling him again recently, in thoughts of using him for some quick comic projects...time will tell...but for now, enjoy the doodles! More to come!
(And if anyone feels so possessed to make any comments or contact here, feel free).



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